IMPACT Newsletter – August 2020

I hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend.

We are enjoying having the whole team back together again and visiting the office once a week to catch up in person.

We are seeing an increase in roles so please do get in touch with the team if you are thinking of making your next move!

Below are my pick of the top articles from August;


Female entrants to investment management almost double since 2015

Female entrants to the investment management profession have almost doubled in the past four years, data from the CFA Institute show.

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Diversity Project targets 30% female fund managers by 2030

The Diversity Project has launched a new workstream, the 30% Club, following revised targets to improve gender diversity in the asset management industry, which include a halving of the industry’s gender pay gaps and a 30% female fund manager target by 2030.

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The 50 Percent Female Portfolio Management Team that’s Trouncing its Benchmark

“If the treatment of people is diverse, inclusive, empowering — that’s good for the employees and stakeholders”

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Under 10% of top City dealmakers are women: ‘It’s still very testosterone-fuelled’

The City’s upper ranks remain a boy’s club. The vast majority of senior dealmakers in London are men, showing just how slow the world’s largest investment banks have been to promote women to key, high-paying jobs.

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