IMPACT Newsletter – November 2021

It has been another busy month for Leverton and IMPACT and I can’t quite believe the Christmas period is very nearly upon us!

I hope you enjoy reading my pick of articles from the month below!

Working from home; worry about it damaging your career and how to negate?

This is a huge topic and we are only at the start of the ‘working from home experiment’. This is a really interesting study into potential impacts and policies. Everyone wanted flexibility; not just working mothers but women were most concerned about the impact it may have on their careers, connectivity and finding mentors.

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Podcasts recommendation this month

Harvard Business Review – Women at Work series. I only happened upon this rich stream of resources recently. There are SO many good topics covered here so take your pick of ones relevant to you.

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‘Always on?’

This is an old article, but I thought extremely relevant. It talks about the feeling of ‘always being on’ and the cycle of responsiveness and the resentment this is causing. The article ends with some practical tips on how to manage ‘Always being on’ and how to put up boundaries between home and work.

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Five ways asset managers can attract more female talent

A really simply put and practical article by portfolio manager, Rayna Lesser Hannaway.

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