IMPACT Newsletter – February 2022

February always seems to pass by so quickly; I feel like I’ve blinked and suddenly it’s March!

March is a significant month in the IMPACT calendar as it marks International Women’s Day – we would love to hear what your firms are doing in order to celebrate. This year the Leverton Team will be spending the day at Ninety One to focus on social diversity and introduce Investment Management as a career path to female 6th form students. We will be giving them interview advice and running a CV writing workshop.

On Thursday 28th April we will be co-hosting an event with Ninety One’s Inspire: ‘Growing up in Asset Management’ which will explore how to manage your career over your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond. Forewarned is forearmed on the obstacles women face; all age groups welcome!

Further details and an invitation for this event will be sent at a later date.

Here are the top articles from this week…

Major gap revealed in workplace policies on women’s health

A national survey has revealed that UK employers are failing to deliver appropriate workplace policies to support women’s reproductive healthcare needs. As identified in the Government’s recent ‘Vision for Women’s Health Strategy’ the UK has suffered decades of gender health inequality and the survey found that many respondents either didn’t have or weren’t aware of any specific workplace policies to support those suffering from miscarriage, the menopause or infertility.

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Being overqualified for a job impacts women and men differently

Rejection for a job because you’re “overqualified” has a certain kind of sting.

But there is logic to it (even if you don’t agree): Hiring managers need to weigh several things, like a candidate’s suitability for the role against the likelihood the candidate will stick with it. It makes sense to reject people who have so many qualifications that they might soon get bored, or be poached by the competition.

The problem is that over-qualification is viewed very differently in female versus male candidates.

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What helped these asset managers pull ahead on gender diversity?

Fostering gender diversity in portfolio management is no mean feat and often requires coordination on multiple levels: from ensuring women feature on shortlists for senior roles to giving comprehensive parental cover for women and men.

These are among the suggestions voiced by the asset management groups that won Citywire Gender Diversity Awards and here they explain what helped them pull ahead.

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How the investment and savings sector is working to improve diversity

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced society to work in different ways and re-evaluate many priorities. Many businesses are still facing severe financial pressures: not always the ideal setting for advancing cultural shifts which are seen as long-term investments, and this creates long-term ramifications of the pandemic for diversity and inclusion.

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 Diversity Project Launches ‘CEO Inclusive Culture Guide’

Diversity Project have launched an Inclusive Culture Guide that sets out practical steps to help CEOs of saving and investment firms achieve an inclusive culture. It is designed to be shared across organisations as everyone works together to develop an inclusion playbook. “Successful organisations are powered by their employees’ diverse perspectives, skill sets and life experiences. An inclusive culture captures this with its sense of belonging and fairness that enables people to bring their full selves to work.” – Diversity Project

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