Webinar with Dr Hannah Barham-Brown, Deputy Leader, Women’s Equality Party

Yesterday we had an engaging and insightful discussion with the wonderful Dr Hannah Barham-Brown.


Dr Hannah is a woman of many talents and wears a variety of professional hats – she is a GP, Deputy Leader of women’s equality party, a disability consultant, a speaker, charity ambassador and an ambassador for the UK design counsel.


Listening to Hannah talk about her experiences and what she does for the disabled community was eye-opening. Did you know that disabled women in the UK were 91% more likely to die of Covid-19 than the rest of the population? This statistic has not been fully discussed and part of that reason is because it pertains to disabled women.


We do not often hear the voices and thoughts of those of the disabled community, but ensuring we include them, will only lead to more diverse and interesting conversations.


Until disabled people appear in the media in normal jobs, and at board level, we are not going to have equality. As businesses, we need to be aware of this, making the work environment safe and accessible before asked and, most importantly hiring people with disabilities.


Thank you Hannah!