IMPACT Newsletter July 2019

A highlight this month for Leverton has been attending the launch event for bringing together awareness, change and great people for the investment industry. A brilliant evening spent with inspirational people!

In other news, keep an eye out for an invitation to our fashion and style event that we are hosting with Capital Group!

Conversations about the workplace and women’s place in it

The Harvard Business Forum has a variety of Podcasts addressing issues and stereotypes that women encounter in the workplace. The episodes address matters such as sexual harassment, difficult conversations, work life balance and overcoming the Imposter Syndrome.

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The 30% Club – Campaigning for women to be on FTSE 100 boards

The 30% Club Campaign is about women and men working together to drive better gender balance in their organisations. They have the aspirational target of 30% female representation in their senior leadership teams by the end of 2020. Currently in Asset Management, 10.8% of active Fund Managers are females. This percentage has only increased by 0.5% since 2016 according to the Times sources.

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ETFs with a “gender lens” are growing in number

This article highlights that diverse leadership directly correlates with better performance. The amount invested in gender-diverse business, although still small, is rising.

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Diversity Training in Fortune 500 Companies

A measured approach to diversity training can increase the number of senior employees offering mentorship to minority groups in business. It can also challenge hiring decisions and promote diverse thought throughout an organisation. This article draws upon studies which have shown little change from diversity training so it highlights areas to consider when learning about how to create an inclusive workplace.

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Bringing men into the fold

This article discusses why it is important for men and women to work together to achieve greater equality in the industry. We see lots of men who take part in our events and training days and it is great to have a different perspective in the room whilst promoting diverse thoughts.

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