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What is IMPACT?

IMPACT is a network created for high potential and high achieving females, within Investment Management.

Members all have a common thread; they are smart, ambitious and good company! We aim to help our members achieve career goals through training, workshops and creating supportive relationships. They leave each session feeling motivated and engaged with their peers, across different companies.

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News and latest events

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Fakes, Phonies, Charlatans & Frauds! Getting to Grips with Impostor Syndrome

By levertonsearch | February 14, 2019

On Thursday 14th February over 60 professionals from the Investment Management industry gathered at Capital’s office to get to grips with Impostor Syndrome, with a session led by Amy Dempsey, and co-hosted by Capital Group and IMPACT. Not everyone in attendance was familiar with Impostor Syndrome which is defined as “the feeling that your achievements…

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Managing Difficult Conversations in The Workplace

By levertonsearch | November 8, 2018

Last week, 50 members of Leverton’s IMPACT and Investec’s INSPIRE joined forces over breakfast at Investec Asset Management. The aim was to tackle difficult conversations in the workplace. The session was led by Investec’s Duncan Coombe, who opened with “What is your relationship to the word conflict? Why did you come here today? What made…

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Management Training Breakfast with Investec: How to build a high performing team

By levertonsearch | July 18, 2018

On Wednesday morning, Leverton’s IMPACT and Investec’s INSPIRE groups came together for another successful event. We had so much to cover that we are going to be arranging another co-event later in the year to focus on how to have a difficult conversation with your team; whether it be around their compensation, expectations etc. Duncan…

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